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    Do you want become the best version of yourself and lead a successful life? 



    Nicole Simmons Leadership exist to cultivate and develop the leadership potential of teams. 

    We utilize an interactive, facilitative and participatory lecture and training approach to reinforce concepts. We conduct pre and post assessments measure effectiveness and outcomes.  We train, coach and speak with teams how to develop themselves, connect and add value to others using John Maxwell leadership principles. We provide tools for teams to reinforce leadership mindset and behaviors.

    How Nicole Simmons Leadership Can Help You

    Let us help cultivate and develop your team!

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    "I believe every person…has a powerful secret weapon to succeed!"

    Yes, you heard it right! I believe you have a powerful secret weapon that will skyrocket your success.  You were created with a unique gift that no one else can control.  Think of this gift as your superpower.   Your gift can change the world and change the lives of many people.  Hidden within you are God-given untapped strength and ability waiting to be cultivated.  You were created with a purpose to achieve something in this life that is apart of a BIGGER plan.

    ​Today, you are in the right place at the right time to lead your best life.  You have taken the steps you need to start a new path with an amazing outcome.  What do you have to lose?  And, guess what?  You do not have to take this journey alone.  You and I can take a walk into this next phase

    of your life together.  Take a chance on yourself and dare to see who you can become.

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    MaryBeth Leavel, EdD - Nicole Simmons Leadership

    Organizational Leadership Consultant


    "Nicole consistently demonstrates expertise in developing the leadership skills of others.  She is a role model of integrity, determination and professionalism.  Nicole has the ability to blend interpersonal skills with specific "how to" abilities."

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