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Avoid Burnout - 3 Sure Ways to Stay Filled Up

In the pursuit of personal growth and development, being the best woman and leader you can be, you may find yourself experiencing burn out. Let’s face it - at times our energy diminishes and our motivation wanes; in times like these, quitting may look like an attractive option.

Honestly, even the most dynamic and successful women have their "not so successful days".

Yes, you read that right!

There are moments or seasons in life when more questions arise than answers, when more problems abound than solutions and when more expenses await than income. Have you ever experienced this?

Not to worry - There are answers.

Consider these three power packed ways that will help you avoid burn out, restore your vigor, and stay filled up.

1. Start with your tank

See the inner you as a gigantic tank.

Here's the deal - a tank has the capacity to store many things, yet in contrast, that same tank can also be emptied. The rhythm you want to create is - as you empty out, you should also fill it back up.

Now the problem is this - we as women, spend a great deal of time emptying our tanks and very little time filling it back up.

Do you know what fills your tank?

According to a 2017 Statistic Survey, about 59% of women reported that having a hobby is one of the best ways for them to avoid burnout.

Well for me, I love to exercise by doing zumba. Zumba is a high-energy aerobic fitness program has that is filled with various styles of Latin American dance. It instantly fills my tank every time.

Zumba is my magic, so you could also find a hobby that does the same for you and engage frequently.

2. Connect with lid lifters

The people you have around you go a long way in helping you build up your morale. Staying connected with people who believe in you, inspire you and encourage you is key. If they invest in themselves in positive ways, they will directly or indirectly invest in you. This is a lid lifter.

In his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell talks about the law of the lid and how leadership ability is the lid that will determine your effectiveness. The more you invest in your leadership the higher your lid and the more you will be able to grow.

How to identify lid lifters in your life:

· They take initiative to invest in themselves.

· You feel energized and motivated after talking to them or being around them.

· They are solution orientated.

· They celebrate your uniqueness.

· They are open and honesty with you.

You can find family members, friends and business colleagues who lift your lid and be determined to connect with them regularly to stay filled up and lead the life you want.

3. Unplug to Plug in

During a mini vacation my husband and I traveled to Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The environment was absolutely breath taking. The majestic stance of the trees, beautiful clear blue skies, the crisp cool air caused me to instantly exhale and relax.

As I roamed about our cabin, unpacking food and clothes my heart was filled with gratitude for the uninterrupted quiet time to unplug from sharing my energy, gifts and skills and plugging into reflecting, remembering and recharging. During this time I was able read a great book from cover to cover, journal lessons learned, take long scenic walks, take naps (I almost never take naps), pray, meditate and enjoy interesting conversations with my husband. I had tapped into one of my filling zones.

As women who are called to lead, you need to take intentional quality time to unplug from everyday family responsibilities, work deadlines, business building, etc. This will super charge your life in extremely positive ways.

Manage your filling station

“The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Steve Covey

Lastly, as you seek to avoid burnout and stay filled up as a leader, you would want to manage your filling station.

Guess what? Your calendar is how you manage your filling station. Leading your life well is about scheduling time to invest in your tank, connect with lid lifters and unplug to plug in. Only you can control what you do.

It’s time to take action!

The best time to make a change is now. Grab your schedule and implement the following.

· Do something that you enjoy (i.e. painting class, hiking trip, a massage, etc.) it doesn’t matter what is as long as it is for you.

· Write down 3 lid lifters in your life, and then be intentional about investing time with them.

· Plan your next get-away, even if you don't have a full week, just take a couple of days and go.

Go to the next level and be a woman who leads her life well by putting these simple tips into practice and will stay filled up every time.

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