Monthly 20-minute Live Charge-up Calls

Monthly 20-minute coaching charge up calls that are designed to inspire and motivate you to take massive action towards fulfilling your personal and professional goals. Each call has built-in accountability to give you the support needed to grow your confidence and leadership.


5 Week Leadership Training

The virtual personal growth and leadership training sessions run for 5 weeks per quarter.  Each meeting time is 60 minutes in length.  You will mastermind, share and grow with other liked-minded women.  Each session will empower you with practical tools, principles and action steps to be a successful, confident leader in life.


Access to Workshops

The in-person workshops will revive, ignite and encourage you as you connect with other women who want to improve their lives, and share their experiences. You will get practical steps on how to address life’s challenges at home and in the workplace.


Resources Library

The online leadership content and self-development resources will allow you to hear from everyday women who are leading their life well. Gain insight and authentic real-life stories that will help you grow spiritually, mentally and physically.


Access Private Recharge Community

Stay connected with other Recharge community members, share your successes and challenges and celebrate with other women aiming to improve their lives like you.

Recharge Membership Enrollment (3 Months)

$249.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price