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The Story Behind NSL

Nicole Simmons Leadership (NSL) was created out of Nicole’s growing desire to help more people improve their lives.


In 1998, an eager, fearless, and motivated Nicole started her professional career as a social worker.  A few months after leading and facilitating workshops for her current organization she started a contracting business, Unlimited Potential –focusing on teaching others how to develop themselves.


Over the years, Nicole began to discover a pattern among her clients, they lacked continual investment in their personal growth and leadership. That is when her model shifted and Unlimited Potential transformed into Nicole Simmons Leadership. It is her belief that potential is expressed through developing one’s personal leadership.


We see people maximizing their potential as leaders in their sphere of influence. 



Nicole Simmons Leadership helps people actively and continually invest in their personal and professional development through trainings, workshops and a women’s leadership network.

Core Values

Strong Sense of Accountability

We believe we have a responsibility to using our God-given gifts to benefit the growth of our clients and remain dedicated to internal standards to ensure quality service.


Collaborative Approach

We believe in shared collection of ideas and strengths by working together with our clients to provide exceptional service and creative, quality content.


Honest Engagement

We believe in the “real” authentic approach.  Of, course with tact and encouragement to assist our clients in maximizing their potential.   

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