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Your response to a life obstacle determines your future success!

In 2013, as I was seeking direction from God for the next steps in my life I sensed a strong desire arise to focus on developing women.  Not just the traditional girls chat (though I love chats), but specifically to charge women to maximize their potential and develop them as leaders.  My first leap in this uncharted territory was in developing and co-hosting Women Who Lead workshops.  The series of interactive themed sessions addressed relevant topics, practical tools and strategies for women to lead in any area of life.  After a successful year and a half run of the workshop series I came to an abrupt stop.

Tragedy had struck my life and I experienced extreme heartbreak, disappointment and sadness.  You see, after years of trying to conceive and medical operations, I was overjoyed to be surprisingly pregnant with our first child.  As a woman, it thrilled me to know that my spirit, body and mind was partnering with creation to bring a beautiful human being into this world.  I was determined to be the best mother and example of womanhood to our child.  At a routine appointment my doctor shared the devastating news that my baby was not developing and I would miscarry.

After an awkward moment of silence my doctor asked me, “how do you feel?” All I could utter was the word “hopeful.”  I left the office in shock.  Sitting in the car with my husband I heard a small comforting voice say, “don’t terminate”.  The road ahead would prove that statement to be two-fold and the bedrock of strength as I struggled with infertility, confidence and hesitated to pursue my dream to be a prominent voice to empower women.

During a time of soul searching, honest talks with God and journaling my emotional experience I found myself paralyzed at a crossroad.  I lacked confidence to step out of my comfort zone.  How could I give birth to my dream when I couldn’t give birth to my baby.  The intense pressure mounted.  I didn’t know what to do.


In the stillness of the silence I heard God’s voice clearly saying,

“You Need to be Recharged.”

Out of desperation, I woke up early one morning to pray and journal my thoughts.  In the stillness of the silence I heard God’s voice clearly saying, “you need to be recharged.”   I instantly knew what that meant.  The days and weeks to follow I began be rebuild from the inside out.  Out of this time Recharge was birthed.

It brought me back full circle to the place of unreserved assurance that I was destined to empower women to lead their lives well.  I was not going to terminate my dream of being a mother and a source of encouragement for women. It was time to lead on.

On my birthday, during an intimate dinner with a few powerhouse women I shared the vision for Recharge Women’s Leadership Network.  Immediately after dinner I rushed to the hospital to coach my sister as she gave birth to her daughter.  Watching my sister’s relentless determination and seeing my niece for the first time gave me the final spark I needed to charge forth.

Since, I’ve begun building the foundation of the network.  I am whole-heartedly committed to impacting women for generations to come. My sincere desire is create opportunities for women to link up and RECHARGE themselves to be confident, bold leaders who influence their families, businesses and relationships for good!

277 Highway 74 N  Suite 312 

Peachtree City, GA 30269

P 470.382.3713


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